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City of the Caesars

The City of the Caesars (Ciudad de los Césares), also known as the Wandering City is a mythical city supposedly located in the Andean Mountains somewhere on the border between Chile and Argentina in the region known as Patagonia.

The existence of the city was first reported by the Spanish Captain Francisco Ceasar who, in 1529 marched west from Fort Sancti Spiritus (today part of Santa Fe provice Argentina) with a handful of men destined for Cordoba. Ceasar never returned. A few weeks later however one of the men under his command straggled into Cordaba delirious and talking about “treasures such as gold, silver and gems”. The Captain and his party, he claimed had discovered a city nestled between two mountains; one of gold, the other of silver”.

When the soldier recovered he took a party from the city back along the path he had taken previously pointing out several landmarks that he recognised along the way. When the group neared the supposed location however their guide claimed that the landscape had changed, that the mountains were different. The soldier swore the city existed to his dying day and many believed his story and set out to search for the city. If any found it however, non returned. This has led to the epitaph given to El Cuidad de los Caesars – the Wandering City.